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This website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file containing information that stored on your device when you visit a website and helps to improve your user experience. We use cookies for purposes such as to provide you with the right information and to enable us to view visitor statistics. Volvofinans Bank AB is the controller for the websites of Volvofinans Bank, CarPay and CarPay Fleet.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that contains information about the visitor’s settings and preferences for a website and is stored in your browser. There are two kinds of cookies: temporary cookies (session cookies) disappear when you close your browser and are not saved. Cookies of the other kind are saved for longer, but have an expiry date.

The Swedish Electronic Communications Act

Everyone who visits a website with cookies must be informed by law that the website contains cookies and of their purpose. The visitor must give their consent to the use of cookies, which is why the box containing information about cookies appears at the bottom of the page when you arrive on our website.

Different kinds of cookies

For the sake of clarity, we have divided cookies into different types.

Necessary cookies

Necessary cookies do not store any information that identifies you as a person. These are needed for our website to work and cannot be disabled. You can block these cookies yourself in your browser, but if you do this the website will not function properly.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies help us to analyse traffic and how the website is used, so that we can learn from our customers’ behaviour. The information collected is completely anonymous. We analyse incoming traffic from search engines, advertising platforms and social media in order to provide you with improved functionality. We use Google Analytics. This data is not used for marketing or advertising purposes, and is not shared with third parties.

Marketing cookies

In order to be able to provide you with a user experience that is as personal as possible, we have enabled search engines, advertising platforms and social media sites such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn to access certain non-sensitive information about your visit. These cookies help us to understand how effective our marketing is and which pages our visitors are interested in. If you choose to disable these cookies, no information about your visit will be shared with third parties.

Third-party cookies are used for statistics

Third-party cookies are used when a visitor comes from another website or service. For example, from a page where we have advertised digitally or on social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. We share certain non-sensitive information with these companies, based on your consent, for the marketing and analysis of these companies’ use in accordance with their terms of service and privacy policy. The information we collect is compiled as anonymised reports in Google Analytics.

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Your consent is required for us to be able to place cookies on your device. The simplest way to provide consent is to press “Approve” in the so-called cookies box on our website. Consent may need to be obtained again when we make changes to our website, so the cookies box may appear at regular intervals.

When we share information with search engines, advertisers, and social media sites such as Google and Facebook, this is done in accordance with those companies’ privacy policies and terms of service, where consent is available. Data shared is managed in accordance with current laws and regulations in order to protect your privacy.

The simplest way to revoke consent to cookies being stored on your device is to delete the cookies yourself in your browser. You also have the option to change your privacy settings with the service providers that you use. Next time you visit our website, disable the cookies that you do not want us to place on your device. If you to browse with no cookies at all, such a feature is available in your browser.

Sometimes we want to use your geolocation data in order to offer you the services or find the retailer closest to you. This feature is used throughout our website. Consent to this is obtained through your browser, but you can change your preferences in your browser settings.

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Would you like more information about cookies and the Swedish Electronic Communications Act?

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