Volvokort credit card application

All car owners who need a credit card to buy fuel, car service or car wash can apply for a Volvokort. Or if you just need a credit card without annual fee for all your purchases. Volvokort works as payment for fuel, wash, service and shop etc. at all Swedish Volvo dealers and OKQ8 in Sweden. Apply for Volvokort today!

No charges

Volvokort has no built-in card fees, no annual or billing costs.

Benefits from our dealers and partners

Volvo and Renault dealers around Sweden give you excellent seasonal offerings each month. You can also use your card at our various partners and get discounts at selected hotels, ferry lines, amusement parks etc.

Checking the balance and transactions

You can easily check out your balance and your transactions by logging in on our website or by using our voice mail service. You will find passwords for these services at your first statement. Use the login button to access your account.

Built-in credit

If you pay all monthly purchases at one time, there are no interest or fees. If you want to use the built-in credit there is always a "minimum amount to pay" for a certain interest rate and billing costs. You decide what payment option you want to use when you receive the statement.

Apply for Volvokort

Click at the buttons below for application form and account terms. Fill in the application and print it out and sign. Remember also to enclose a copy of identification such as driving liscense or passport.

Send the application to this adress, postage-free, no stamp is needed:

Volvofinans Bank
Kundnummer 20603663

Do you have any questions or do not have printer, send us an e-mail at or call us on telephone +46 31-83 89 30.

NOTE: You must be a Swedish citizen or hold a Swedish personal number to apply for a Volvokort.

Card application Account terms