Publish date: 2006-05-22

Volvofinans awarded best finance company in Sweden 2006

For the twelfth consecutive year, ISI Wissing has conducted an independent survey among decision-makers regarding Swedish finance companies. In this year’s survey, Volvofinans received the highest overall rating, considerably higher than the industry average. 

In the survey, 632 randomly selected decision-makers in companies with more than 50 employees responded to a questionnaire regarding which finance companies with which they were familiar. They made an overall evaluation of each company and judged what criteria are important in the choice of supplier. 

Volvofinans received the highest overall rating in the industry with an evaluation index of 32, considerably higher than the industry average of 5. The evaluation index is calculated by adding respondents’ ratings* (on a scale of 1 to 5). *All 5s plus half of all 4s, minus 2s and 1s.

Volvofinans also received the highest overall rating in 2005, 2004 and 2002 and came second in 2003.

“In times of increased competition in vehichle sales finance activities, we are pleased to learn that Volvofinans is recognized as the industry leader. Specializing in vehichle finance, allows us to maintain a high level of service and ”know-how”. A strong partnership with Swedish Volvo dealers, an ongoing product development and fine tuning of internal processes also help explain our success”, says Mikael Berggren, Vice President Cars Marketing, at Volvofinans. 

There are primarily two factors deemed important by the decision-makers in the choice of finance company – service and quality. Both of these factors are Volvofinans’ best characteristics according to this year’s survey. The company also receives a favorable response with regard to its trademark, company management, future prospects and company growth. In these characteristics, Volvofinans ranks highest in the industry.

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