Green Bonds are issued under Volvofinans Bank’s Medium Term Note programme (MTN), general terms and conditions for Green Bonds issued by Volvofinans Bank correspond to the general terms and conditions for other bonds issued under the MTN-programme. The settlement amount from green bonds is allocated to investments covered by Volvofinans’ Green Bond Framework.

Final terms and conditions for green bonds can be found together with other bonds under the heading Emissioner.

Volvofinans Bank Green Bonds Framework 2017
Second Opinion från CICERO 2017-04-28
Volvofinans Bank Green Bond presentation 2017-05-08

Investor Report Green Bonds 2018

Volvofinans Bank has collaborated with SEB in the establishment of the green framework and CICERO has issued a Second Opinion on the Green Bond Framework.

In 2018, an investor report for Volvofinans’ green bonds will be published.