AutodiscVehicle administration with control

Svensk Vagnparksfinans has the most resource-efficient tool on the market for your company’s car ownership – AutoDisc. Everything is easily managed over the internet, all the way from the driver reporting the driver's logbook to the fleet manager following up costs in detail.

You can access AutoDisc, a fully computerised statistics systems, via the internet. AutoDisc allows you to view the actual costs per each individual car, cost centre or the entire fleet for the relevant period, the year or overall. For many types of costs, such as fuel, servicing, repairs, car washes and parking, it is possible to generate a report that shows which driver/s had the largest costs for the period, year or overall.

AutoDisc includes a register of all the vehicles in the fleet and the drivers’ home addresses. You can also look at individual drivers and vehicles. It includes information such as leasing period, driver’s name and home address, car make and model, model code, insurance company, fuel consumption, fringe benefit value, salary deductions, the Swedish Tax Agency price, as well as equipment, purchase price, current residual value and final residual value in the lease contract.

AutoDisc also displays the fringe benefit value of fuel for drivers: all you need to do is enter the mileage (total mileage for the month together with business mileage) that drivers report through their driving logs. Drivers can also report their mileage via the internet.

You can also create your own reports in AutoDisc. All reports created in AutoDisc are exported to Microsoft Excel for further processing.