More and more businesses prefer the convenience of operating leases. Operating leases comprise financing, administration and management of the company’s vehicle fleet – with guaranteed residual values and fixed costs for servicing, repairs, tyres. With a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), full outsourcing of time-consuming administration and a guaranteed residual value, this solution offers few surprises and complete control.

Operating leases comprise financing, administration and management of the company’s vehicle fleets. We guarantee the residual values of your vehicles, as well as servicing and repair costs. For the customer, this means 100% outsourcing of the vehicle fleet with fixed costs. One advantage of leasing is that you do not tie up capital. In addition, there is a positive VAT effect if your activities are liable for VAT.

Only people with responsibility for vehicle fleets know how much work is involved for everything to run smoothly. We can handle the administration of these resource-intensive procedures on your behalf, reducing both the paperwork involved and the administrative costs, as well as the overall vehicle costs. Our vehicle administration can cover everything relating to the vehicle fleet, on two different levels: both levels include administration of fuel purchases, regardless of whether you have selected “Main rule” or “Supplementary rule” in the current taxation model.

We handle all costs relating to the vehicle, such as:

  • fuel
  • insurance
  • servicing and repairs
  • courtesy car
  • leasing fees
  • vehicle tax
  • parking ticket reminders
  • inspection
  • car orders
  • price checks against signed framework agreements
  • salary sacrifice calculations
  • preparing vehicle cost calculations
  • reporting changes in the driver’s fringe benefit value on a monthly basis due to, for instance, the driver having fitted optional equipment to the car that affects the fringe benefit value, or changing or terminating the car
  • we are the driver’s point of contact for all automotive issues


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